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Art with Meta       


From a background in English literature, I shifted careers to focus on my lifelong interest in the visual arts. Teaching was always an important piece of my vocation, but now I am privileged to teach ages at which art and the world itself are new and magical. My students learn to investigate non-traditional materials, master construction methods, and empower  themselves through problem-solving. Recent middle-grade classes focus on teaching students to translate their own designs from 2-D sketches into 3-D sculptures.  We take inspiration from contemporary and historical artists and from nature.


My own artwork with discarded objects parallels the learning process of early childhood. Children are natural treasure hunters who love to collect, curate, and study all the amazing stuff in their environment. As artists working together, we learn tools and techniques for making connections, expressing our ideas, and “thinking with our hands.” 


The Oakers Make Ochres

"The Oakers Make Ochres," an earth paint making outdoor project at Painted Oak Nature School

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