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Mixed media assemblage: wood clementine crate, wood double-sided cigar box, cuckoo clock panel, wood blocks, doorknob, mosaic tiles, acrylic paint, found images, cardboard packing inserts, Dresden foil paper, beaded fabric trim, paper clay, Monopoly houses, pencil erasers, LED string lights with battery


22 in x 15.5 in (open widest) x 19 in (open widest)

This assemblage swings open on both sides like a portable altarpiece.

Jumbled wooden buildings of varying size crowd the base, recalling the crowded streets of a medieval town, and the miniature landscapes tucked in the backgrounds of medieval paintings and the borders of illuminated manuscripts.

The inner panels are backlit by LED lights. Both panels continue the landscape up a hillside into the country, one in daylight, one at night.

The base features a bridge shape with an image of a smaller bridge. The top ornament is shaped like a building and also lights up with LEDs.

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