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Shutter Garden


Mixed media assemblage: wood clementine crate, wood and masonite pieces, acrylic paint, mosaic tiles, printed transparencies, ribbon, LED lights, artificial flowers, brass stampings, paper grass, miniatures, moss, beads, mesh, Angelina film




24 in x 23.5 in with side panel fully open x 10.75

Like its companion piece "Musical Balconies," "Shutter Garden" is a double-sided assemblage evoking a street in Italy. All the imagery is musical, in tribute to the quarantined Italians who made music on their balconies early in the pandemic.

"Shutter Garden" is ambitiously architectural, with a tiled dome and a hinged side panel that can be rearranged to shelter or reveal a miniature garden with a fountain. LED lights illuminate the upper stories.

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