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Finestre di Giulietta (Juliet's Windows)


Mixed media assemblage, wall-hanging: Wood, metal, fabric, clay tiles, printed transparencies, figurine, artificial ivy, LED string lights with battery




22 in x 11 in x 8 in when fully open
14.5 in x 9 in x 8 in when fully closed

A reconfigurable piece that can be displayed three different ways, this wall-hung, kinetic, lighted assemblage represents Juliet's balcony.

The scene is first glimpsed between outer green shutters, as though the viewers gazed from our own window across the street from the Capulets' house.

Opening the hinged green shutters, we can see the Nurse standing watch while Romeo prepares to exit as if through a third window across the room.

The entire top frame unclasps, slides off, and can be hung from a hook on the base. LED- lighted side panels depict fragmentary images from Burne-Jones's "Golden Stairs" and Dante's first encounter with Beatrice.

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