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Celestial Goblet


Mixed media assemblage: cardboard tea box, fabric, cookie tin lid, mosaic tiles, decorative papers, LED string lights, wood block, wood frame, wood candlestick, glass ornament, magnets, metal lid, Dresden foil paper, acrylic paint




Box: 19.5 in x 9 in closed (17 in open) x 6.75 in closed (14 in open)
Goblet (dome + pedestal): 9.5 in x 6 in diameter

This multilayered, interactive piece starts as a closed box. The front panel is covered in blue velvet, inset with a spinning dial and topped with a lighted finial.

Turning the box around, a frame emphasizes a dome marked with stars that lights up by pushing a button. It's as though we're looking through a window into an astronomical observatory or planetarium.

Opening the front panel like a door, the object inside looks goblet-shaped, and can be removed from its cabinet like a ritual object. But the dome can also be removed from the magnetic pedestal. Three separate sets of LED string lights can be switched on and off to illuminate the front panel, dome, top ornament, and back frame.

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