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Madame de Pompadour's Garden (sold)


MIxed media assemblage: Wood picture frames and finials, vintage Syroco sconce, china figurine, paper and fabric flowers, velvet, paper umbrella, beads, ribbon, moss, styrofoam, floral wire, acrylic paint




18.5 in x 15.75 in x 9.5 in

A pensive figurine represents this fascinating historical figure in her garden. The heavy architectural border combines an antique frame, modern frame sample, vintage Syroco sconce, and wood finials from a baby crib. These are backed by velvet overlaid with a chipboard lattice, while the candle holder becomes a topiary in the foreground, and a paper drink umbrella tops off a scene which hopes to convey its subject's dignity, fragility, privacy, and inner depth.

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