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The Fabulous Stettheimer Sisters


Mixed media assemblage (wall hanging). Wood frame, matboard, vintage Syroco sconce, vintage china figurines, acrylic paint, millinery flowers, miniatures, Monopoly house, vintage handkerchief, cellophane film, beads, lace




20 in x 15.5 in x 6 in

Painter Florine Stettheimer takes center stage in this small monument to the talented trio of New Yorkers. She is flanked by two more china figurines representing her sisters Carrie, with her famous dollhouse, and Ettie, with her novel, in a vintage Syroco sconce that recalls a gazebo. A souvenir handkerchief and millinery flowers convey a more elegant time, while iridescent bits of Angelina film reference Florine's use of cellophane in her avant-garde stage sets.

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