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Wall-hanging assemblage: Wood frame, wood cigar box, marbled paper, acrylic paint, wood cuisinaire blocks, Monopoly houses, cardboard packing insert, clay mosaic tiles, beads, paper grass, miniature plastic trees, cows, and birds


March 2022


12 in x 36 in x 11 in

Playing with ideas of scale in landscape, responding to medieval art, miniature art, and stage scenery, this wall-hanging assemblage presents several layers of landscape in multiple orientations… all framed by a large gothic window. The effect is whimsical, like a daydream or a game with building blocks.

The center section is constructed from a double-sided cigar box. The top lid lifts, to replace the cityscape with a pastoral landscape. A second country scene hangs below like a reflection. Since this third scene is best viewed from underneath, small children may enjoy being the first to spot the tiny, upside-down cows.

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